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Hugh Jackman's Workout for Wolverine

Jacked Like Jackman: Hugh Jackman's Workout for Wolverine


When an actor lands a lead role in a superhero film, getting into shape is part of the job. Nick Cage in Ghostrider had some pretty decent abs, Downey Junior got into pretty decent condition for Iron Man and even Toby Mguire managed to build himself up for Spider-man. For Wolverine however, Hugh Jackman has really pushed the envelope achieving the kind of body that we at the Biomatrix believe a superhero should have. This is more akin to a Stallone type bodyshape than any of the afforementioned players and the leaked version that I haven't seen (honest) suggest that his hard work has paid off. Infact the film is awesome and all we can do now is pray for a Deadpool spin-off (where he can't shoot lazers though). All this just furthers the mystery of why Doctor Cox hates Jackman so much... jealousy? Richard Gere on the other hand...

So how did Hugh Jackman get into such impressive shape and how can you achieve a superheroic body yourself? Well according to a series of interviews the secret was getting into the mindset of the lead character. Wolverine is someone who can withstand tremendous pain and who fuels himself with anger, so there was a lot of talk about reaching your 'breaking point'... and then going beyond that. Apparently Jackman found the character when having to take a freezing cold shower while supressing a scream so as not to wake his wife. He realised then that that was what it would take to find the body and mind of James Hewlitt (Wolverine's real name for the unitiated). That kind of determination, the will to break through the pain barrier; THAT is why Hugh Jackman has a body more like a bodybuilder than an actor.
On top of this was the training routine itself - a combination of weights and CV to add muscle and strip anyway any hint of a bodyfat percentage - in a training programme designed to 'shock' the body into action. During the workout below he apparently got his one rep max on the bench press to 150kg before attending a boot camp. Impressive.

Jackman's Wolverine schedule (alternate between these days and CV). During the workout he also varied the speed at which he performed the reps (I'm presuming he did 3 or more sets of each exercise) much as the 'Time Division' training advocated by the Biomatrix.Net - as if you needed more proof that it's the ultimate secret to an awesomely ripped and pumped body (check out Project Superman for more details on that).

Hugh Jackman's Training Programme:

Day 1:
12 x dumbbell chest press on stability ball
25 x push ups
12 x lat pull down
20 x external shoulder rotations
12 x cable side raises
12 x barbell curl
12 x military press

Day 2:
12 x squats
12 x balance board lunge
30 x split leg box jump
20 x jack knife
20 x stability ball crunch

Day 3:
30 x walking lunges
100 x push ups
50 x crunches on stability ball
1 minute sprint 80% intensity
30 x inch worms
50 x lat pull downs
20 x stairs

And to finish it all off he ate a high protein diet consisting of steamed chicken, brown rice and vegetables every three hours and egg whites before each workout.

So there you have it, if you want to get into that kind of shape you have to go beyond your comfort zone and alternate CV and weights work. Then you too can be the best at what you do.

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